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  • The multinational brand Adidas, with more than 60 years of experience, is one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of sport products in the world. The goal of its creators is to change people's lives through the benefits of sport and the facilities offered by their creations.

    Made of leather, steel, nylon or silicone, Adidas watches have a daring and bold design that alternates between the elegant and the sporty style, so you can take the rhythm of your life to the next level.

  • Calypso Watches, a brand of watches from the Festina Group under the management of Miguel Rodríguez, targets a young, demanding, modern public. It’s a collection for boys and girls, full of colour and with a price that makes it possible to have a daily look change.

    This brand of watches is considered to be the one for young, urban, active people, and that is why its slogan is: «Calypso, a world of colour and design».

  • Kashio Tadao established Tokio Casio in 1957, a company known for mass producing calculators for the first time which, up until then, were machines assembled on top of tables.

    Casio became one of the first watch manufacturers, offering products that did much more than merely telling the time. In 1976 they created a digital wristwatch with ten additional functions. Four years later, they managed to integrate an electronic calculator within a watch, thus combining their two greatest inventions so far.

    Nowadays, Casio has a sports-oriented style; their most famous models were the G-Shock.

  • Since its founding in 1918, Citizen has fostered a multicultural mindset. From the beginning, the Japanese company have taken responsibility for contributing to positive changes in society. It is also world renowned for its Eco-Drive technology. This technology allows many of its watches to obtain energy from sunlight, this mechanism has made watches that use this technology the best friends of the environment, being a more ecological option than conventional quartz. All its activities are based on the brand's belief, "For each of us who are part of the moment to make the world a better place is now."

  • Festina is the flagship brand of the Festina Group S.A. company. This encompasses the following brands as of today: Lotus, Festina, Calypso, Jaguar and Candino.

    The first time the "Festina" name was used was in a small watch workshop in Switzerland.

    In 1984, entrepeneur Miguel Rodríguez bought Festina and created the business group Festina-Lotus.

    Currently, their headquarters are in Barcelona, but they also have a high-quality factory in Switzerland and eight subsidiaries in different countries.

  • Flik Flak is the worldwide brand for the kids. Flik Flak watches tell stories to our little ones through original designs created especially for them. Flik Flak is illusion and color. So, what are you waiting for our little ones to shine with them?

  • The Fossil brand is worldwide know for its design philosophy inspired by vintage American style using the most modern production methods. Fossil not only designs their watches, but also manufactures and distributes them, ensuring their quality and responsible for introducing the latest innovations and trends to their products.

    Fossil watches are a mix of classic lines with current trends that result in timeless designs that embody the spirit of the American dream and triumph all around the world.

  • The Guess brand was created to market jeans in the 80s by the Marciano brothers in Los Angeles.

    Soon the commercialization was extended to all kinds of clothing and it reached all kinds of accessories such as sunglasses, footwear, and of course Guess watches were born.

    The Marciano brothers were born in Morocco and lived their childhood in the south of France, hence their style when creating the Guess range of watches that combines both cultures.

    Thanks to this combination of culture, Guess was accepted and quickly expanded the sales areas.

    Today, it is one of the most important brands in clothing and accessories worldwide.

  • The Hugo Boss brand originated in 1924 when its creator, Hugo Ferdinand Boss, opened a workshop. Today, Boss is a large company with several lines and a wide variety of products ranging from sunglasses to furniture, watches or perfumes. The brand has become one of the main standards of European minimalism.

    Hugo Boss is synonymous with quality, elegance and, above all, haute couture. This is the image they wanted to convey to their line of watches, characterized by being hedonistic, elegant and contemporary.

    With Hugo Boss watches you will find a series of pieces that will meet all your expectations, with different models that adapt to your most personal style through its design, colors and unique features.

  • The brand Ice-Watch Watches was launched in 2007 by the Belgian Jean-Pierre Lutgen, who after his trips to Asia, developed the idea of ​​watches with more personality created until today.

    Achieving a new world concept of watch full of fashion and colors, in addition to continuing with the quality that marks the Miyota machinery.

  • Jaguar implies exclusivity, sportiness and ambition. Jaguars are Swiss Watches that will make you feel like never before. The Jaguar watch house was founded in 1938 and since then it has grown thanks to the acquisition by Grupo Festina. These Swiss Made watches are a guarantee of precision and quality. Are you ready to take it?

  • Kenneth Cole was born as a brand of women shoes in 1982 in New York. Afterwards, they also manufactured shoes for men, as well as handbags. 

    Closely related to fashion, they expanded to the European market in 1996 and launched their watches series. After winning several awards, earning prestige and filling catwalks with their products, today they can dress in the style of New York an entire family. 

    Now, they have entered the market of smart accesories with Kenneth Cole Connect, a watch capable of connecting with our cellphone via Bluetooth.

  • Lorus was born in 1982 by Seiko Watch Corporation. This brand was launched with the idea of ​​completing all types of demand in this great company.

    They are watches for men, women and children that, without sacrificing high design qualities and technology, are put on sale at affordable prices to the public.

    Thanks to Lorus we can find Kinetic watches at a more affordable price, as well as solar, duo-digital display, chronographs, etc.

    The mission was a success and over the past 30 years, more than 120 million Lorus watches have been sold worldwide.

  • Lotus was the original brand of what is now the Festina business group. Miguel Rodríguez established Lotus in 1980, which managed to take off with the launch of their watch «Fase Lunar». Later on, he created the model Super Chrono which presented innovative features related to aerial navigation and sailing.

    Nowadays, Lotus encompasses Lotus Style, which deals with watches, jewelry and costume jewelry, Lotus Silver, which deals with silver jewelry, and Lotus Watches, which deals with modern, urban watches.

  • Lotus Style is the first line of jewelry from Lotus. Created in 2003 to accompany the most precious gift, a woman's watch with a gift bracelet together in a case. After accepting this combination, Lotus decided to expand its collection with Lotus Style, designer jewelry made with steel and accompanied by other materials that give glamor and are suitable for any occasion. We can find both for women and men bracelets, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc.

  • Marea is made for a young audience using its products in varied colors and very affordable prices.

    The Low Cost brand has different designs for all tastes. From the most daring to the most classic designs.

    They also dare with accessories for both men and women and always accompanied by "celebrities" to represent the image of this brand such as Manuel Carrasco or Chenoa.

  • Mark Maddox is not just a watch brand.

    Mark Maddox is an invitation to have fun and share great moments with your loved ones; fleeting, unrepeatable moments that you want to last forever.

    The collection ME NOW is each one of those unique moments, full of life, that we would like to share with the whole world and, to achieve this, Mark Maddox offers a multitude of watch options for boys and girls of the highest quality, made of steel with urban designs and trending. All this backed by the guarantee of Grupo Munreco, which has more than 60 years of experience in the sector.

    Mark Maddox watches have a two-year warranty, have their own technical service network and are presented in a case made of metal, so that your Mark Maddox arrives in perfect condition.

  • Maserati watches are inspired by their automotive heritage: Velocita, Eccelenza and Passione.

    Maserati has a long history in making cars for both Formula 1 and GT, as well as luxury cars. This history is reflected in the design of Maserati watches that feature a sporty style that pays tribute to the history of the company, without losing sight of modern technology and innovation. The trident is the brand's characteristic logo and can be seen on all its watch models

  • Michael Kors is one of America's most iconic and influential fashion designers. Since he started in fashion at just 19 years old, he has received numerous awards and has taken his signature to more than 50 countries, including the most prestigious cities in the world (Paris, London, New York ...).

    True to its innovative spirit, its line of watches is not limited to the classic quartz movement, but also opts for intelligent models, these being one of the most demanding and effective on the market.

    Elegant and daring, Michel Kors watches have proven to be the perfect accessories for the latest fashion both on the catwalk and on the street.

  • Recently bought by the Cadarso business group but born in Italy and established by Giulio Morellato, this brand focuses on watches as well as accesories. They provide innovative products and luxury accesories at a reasonable price.

    Their distinctive watches never go unnoticed, since they have "drops" on their straps, which you can easily change to sport a new watch every day.

  • Mr. Wonderful was born as a graphic design studio that sent positive messages on social networks. Soon these designs became very popular and the brand began to launch its own products. They currently have thousands of articles that are distributed in more than 30 different countries.

    With a very careful, simple and colorful style, Mr. Wonderful has managed to reach the lives of millions of users, who are now carried away day by day by his cheerful philosophy and the positive energy that his designs give off.

    His followers know: Mr. Wonderful is not just a brand, is a lifestyle.

  • Nixon was established in California in 1997 by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna, both extreme sports lovers. They wanted their brand to express their love for sports like surf, climbing and snowboard.

    Thus, the Nixon brand was born, able to withstand all kinds of sports and with a modern design; they created a series of headphones first, and then released their series of watches.

    Nowadays, Nixon watches feature Swiss mechanisms; the brand sells classical, sport or digital watches, as well as their new much anticipated collection, smartwatches for sport lovers, waterproof, capable of withstanding any climate and displaying weather reports, and with the latest technology.

  • The Tama Reiki company was established in 1950 in Tokio, Japan, by Shogoro Yoshida.

    Nowadays, Orient Watch still makes its watches with Japanese mechanisms. They have been making both quartz and mechanical watches, and selling their products on more than seventy countries since 1955.

    Thanks to their continuous commitment to creating new Orient watches‘ models, the company is currently the third biggest watch producer of Japan, after Citizen and Seiko.

  • Inspired by a family of strong, multifaceted women, siblings Paola and Humbert, founded PDPAOLA in 2014 with the desire to create a brand that could resonate with today's modern woman and accompany her in the many roles she takes on in life. Today they create pieces that bring a bit of joy and sparkle to the daily lives of women in over 112 countries, and counting.

    Their collections are inspired by the dynamism of women, architecture and elements of nature, and are made up of "jewelry pieces with a fresh, trendy point." The spirit of the brand is the adventure of self-discovery, the celebration of who you are and who you aspire to become. Unpretentious essentials with a twist so you can be bold and shine on your own.