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 General information

According to article 10 of the Spanish information society services and electronic commerce Law 34/2002 of July 11, WATCHALIA, with company tax code (N.I.F.) 75435116S and company’s domicile Vermondo Resta, 3 41018 (Seville - Spain), owns the following . The present Terms and Conditions and its acceptance when the customer confirms the order, serve as the contract between you and 

1.     PURPOSE

 -          The purpose of the present Terms and Conditions of WATCHALIA is to offer products in our online shop in exchange for an economic benefit.

-         As the customer enters our web, the customers undertake to respect these Terms and Conditions.


 -       The present Terms and Conditions and its acceptance when the customer confirms the order, serve as the contract between WATCHALIA and its customers for the purpose mentioned above. Any other Terms and Conditions will be applicable.

-         WATCHALIA will consider that the customer has understood these terms and agrees with them when the customer confirms he has read and agrees with these Terms and Conditions.

3.     ORDERS

 -        The customer must be at least 18 years old
-         Order process:

  • Add the product to Shopping trolley.
  • Introduce email and password if you are a registered customer. If not, the customer can register filling in a form with his personal details.
  • If you need an invoice, please introduce the name of the company and its tax code. If the address of the order is different from the company’s, introduce the right one.
  • Select the shipment and payment options.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
  • Confirm the details previously entered.
  • A description of the product and the button to pay will appear. When the customer click on the button “to pay”, the customer will be sent to the payment Gateway depending on the payment option the customer has previously chosen (PayPal or POS).
  • The customer will be sent to the home page where an OK or ERROR message will appear. A confirmation email with the order number will be sent to the customer’s email.

-        If WATCHALIA accepts the offer, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer’s email account, previously given in the form. If WATCHALIA  cannot accept the offer, the company will contact the customer by telephone or email.

-        WATCHALIA will make everything to provide our customers with the items ordered. However, this may be impossible if the item is not in stock. In this case, we will contact our customer to offer different products that may interest them. If the customer does not accept our new offers, we will return the amount paid.
It is possible that the price of the products in our web is wrong, so WATCHALIA will send the customer immediately a new email with a new order confirmation if the customer has already paid for such order. If the new amount to pay is too high, the customer has the right to cancel the order and WATCHALIA will return the amount paid.


 -         We will ship your order once the confirmation is done as established in these Terms and Conditions.


-          We pay special attention to the description of the products we offer, in which we speak about the process of its creation or we give some ideas of its use, among other information. We always take into account they are elaborate crafts, therefore they are not perfect.

6.       PRICES

-          The price of the products will be stated in our web. Price and conditions could vary. However, price and conditions will not vary once the order has been made.

-          We reserve the right to charge the price from the time the ordered is delivered.

-          Prices follow these conditions:

The 21% VAT is included if the customer lives in Spain or European Union.

- Some countries or regions demand the payment of duties, which the shipping company has to take care of. Each country has its own legislation and that’s why it is very difficult to know how they exactly work.

-        No shipping charges are included in the prices stated in our web. The customer will take care of these charges, which will be added to the product price. The customer will be informed about these charges before confirming the order. Free shippingfor orders over 50€ if you live in Spain.

-        We reserve the right to modify any price. However, the price stated in our web when the customer made the order will not change.

-        In case the price is too low or is it a mistake (due to a virus, bug or human mistake), the order will be cancelled (even if the customer had previously confirmed it).


-          We only assure the availability of our products after checking if we have enough stock. If we do not have stock for the product ordered, we compromise to send our customer an email communicating when the order could be processed. If our customer does not wish to wait, we would give the money back.

-          If one of the products ordered is not available once we have processed the order, we comprise to send the customer the remaining available products. If possible, we would advice our customer some similar products. If he accepts the new product but, once received, would like to return it, expenses will be met by the customer.

8.       PAYMENT

-          WATCHALIA eserves the right to cancel orders in its sole discretion if the company fears there may be risks (not accepting the product, etc.)

-         WATCHALIA offers the client 4 payment options:


If you choose this option, the products will be ordered once your bank accepts the payment. The Spanish bank LaCaixa will secure your online payment serving as payment gateaway. This service protects credit card details by encrypting sensitive information. Therefore, WATCHALIA does not know or register any bank detail during the process. For security reasons, WATCHALIA does verify the orders made by credit or debit card. ONLY LACAIXA HAS ACCESS TO ANY BANK DETAIL GIVEN DURING THE PROCESS. Credit and debits cards with the security system Verified by visa are also accepted.

Important: Bank details will be encrypted and handled by the bank servers. Later, this details will be verified by the issuing bank in order to avoid fraud or abuse.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the most updated and used protocol for managing the security on Internet. It guarantees any third party will have access to the data introduced on the Internet.


If you use this option, you will recieve an email with the bank details to which you need to make the transfer.

Important: Do not forget to write your name, surname and the order number provided by us as details on the transfer. We will not ship goods until we confirm the payment from our bank.
If you fail to write your name, surname and order number, the order will be cancelled and your money returned within 7 days.


You dont need to introduce your bank details and this option is immediate, as the proof of payment is directly sent to WATCHALIA. PayPal allow you to pay directly without introducing you bank details. PayPal automatically encodes your private details due to the use of the best technology available on the market. More information at

Cash On Delivery (COD):

This option is available only in Spain

COD only applies for shipping orders only in Spain (this excludes Ceuta, Melilla and both the Canary and Balearic Islands) and Portugal. Cash on delivery has an additional charge on the selected product price that will be met by the customer.
WATCHALIA reserves the right to cancel orders in its sole discretion if the company fears there may be risks (not accepting the product, etc.)


-          We send the products to the shipping address the customer gave us during the process.

-          In our web, next to the shopping trolley, the customer can see the price to pay.

-          Shipping steps: payment confirmation + products packaging + shipping company receiving the package.

-          WATCHALIA will send the package once we confirm the payment was correctly received.

Pick the order up in our shop:

There is the possibility of picking your order up in our shop (no shipping expenses). WATCHALIA is not liable if the prices are not the same.


-          Every order made before 16:00 (and payment received) will be made the same day, after that time they will be sent the next day. WATCHALIA does not process shipments on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). If there are extra charges of any kind, the expenses of them will be met by the customer. WATCHALIA is not liable for any extra charge.

-          Shipping expenses include: handling, packing, shipping and insurance charges.

Mainland Spain and Portugal:

Shipping time can vary: 24hrs – 72 hrs. It depends on the location and on the shipping company. No shipping on weekends and festive.

We work with two different transport business: MRW and Correos(Spanish official company).You can choose the one that best fits you.


Canarias, have different legal regimes to the one held in Spain and Baleares. Duty and import expenses will be met by the customer. Shipping expenses could vary depending on the weight of the package. If any kind of change is made, we would send an email to our customer to confirm the agreement to them. Once the package is received and the invoice signed, the order is considered to be finished. The customer is responsible of verifying the state of the products. If they have any damage, the customer has 24 hours to make a complaint to the shipping company.

Europe and other countries
International shipment: It can vary from 6 to 8 days depending on the country, but it could be up to 30 days. No shipping on weekends and festive.

Shipping times: 10:00 – 20:00. If the customer is not home, the shipping company will arrange with the customer a shipping date. If more than 30 days have passed, WATCHALIA will claim the products or will solve any problem.

International shipping can be paid via PayPal, credit or debit card and wire transfer.

United Kingdom

Due to Brexit, deliveries to the UK should go through customs. This process is mandatory for all commercial deliveries. Duty and import expenses will be met by the customer. Shipping expenses could vary depending on the weight of the package. Please note that the delivery may suffer delays. 


-          If you are not satisfied with the products, you can make a complaint within 7 working days after receiving the package (according to the Spanish Trade Law). After the customer sends us the return email, we would give the customer the address to which the package has to be returned in good conditions, with the original packaging and, if applied, with the instructions. Return shipment expenses will be met by the customer. IMPORTANT: The products must be return perfectly packaged. If the products are damaged due to the packaging, WATCHALIA will not accept the return. WATCHALIA will not accept used products. Once WATCHALIA receives and checks the package, they will return the price paid for such products.
Note: If the order is wrong or the products damaged, return expenses will be met by WATCHALIA. When WATCHALIA confirms any of these situations, the company has 20 days to return the amount paid and the return expenses.
Before making the return, please send us an email.

-       The customer has to keep the signed copy of the delivery.


-          WATCHALIA undertakes to give any information regarding the products and the orders to the customer. WATCHALIA does not accept any liability for any breach of contract owing to circumstances beyond our control or for any third person or unforeseeable fact.

-          The customer undertakes to fill in the forms correctly. The customer undertakes to pay the price of the products, taxes and shipping expenses. WATCHALIA undertakes to protect any data.

-          WATCHALIA does not accept any liability for any inappropriate use of the products.


-          The opinions posted on our web are controlled by our marketing team. If WATCHALIA considers them to be offensive or immoral, WATCHALIA has the right to change or refuse those posts.